Hallo there! :D

Good you are here, your feedback is needed to really make this game great and to implement it the right way!

Laddie and the Living Sword  is gonna be an incremental clicker game mixed with old school  RPG elements like: Gear, stats and quests. 

Please leave a comment if you have suggestions or critizism, or answer this short questionnaire:


It will help a lot! 

Keep in mind that the current state of the game is very early and we will most likely change a lot of the graphic and systems in the game. 

But here is a list of the main things i wanna implement in future updates:

- Function to automatically exploring and attacking in every direction.
- Chests will give a good amount of coins.
- Bonfire will heal you to full health.
- Physical and magical protection gear what can be bought with Iron and Magic drops and give more armor.
- Food what can be bought with meat drops,  to get more health.
- Exp and Level system.
- An attribute system (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Vitality, ..)
- Skill system
- New monsters and areas
- Area based quest system

I wanna make games what i wanna play my self, but more importantly, games what others want to play. So let me know what you think! :)


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are the chests openable? i cant find a way to get any gold or loot to do any upgrading...other than that, graphics looks great, and it plays well in my browser.

Not yet, but the monsters give the loot that should be enough to upgrade.

I am working on an update that includes Chest loot, bonfire healing, dead and reborn and new gear as loot.

But I am working on my main task as a computer scientist, so it arrives this summer


This seems like it'll be really fun! The text is a little difficult to read, but other than that the graphics seem pretty good! Keep up the great work!


Definitely a good start , graphics are fun. Also , you should add way to heal yourself or your magical shield , and is it normal to not die when your HP are below 0 ?

Thanks Pordrack! Yes that's how it suppose to work, but will be implemented in the next update. The bonfire will heal you, and work as a break from fighting. Also some attack will heal/lifesteal/repair armor an so on.